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Creation of Khalsa (The Story of Vaisakhi)


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The Creation of Khalsa, our very first Sikh children’s story book, covers the events that occurred in April 1699 where Guru Gobind Singh Jee held an audience at Anandpur Sahib, Punjab to undertake the first Amrit Sanchar.

Full of bold and attractive colours, this easy to read book about Sikh history provides a wealth of information on the Panj Piyare’s lives, the importance of the Nitnem banis and the Khalsa lifestyle.

Everything is explained in an easy to read format and suitable for children aged 6 and above. This will be your children’s favourite bedtime story!

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25 reviews for Creation of Khalsa (The Story of Vaisakhi)

  1. Mandeep Ghataora Jandu (verified owner)

    gbEngland, United Kingdom

    A brilliant book for younger children to learn about Sikhism

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    usUnited States

    Beautifully illustrated. Eye catching and engaging for children. Thank you for creating wonderful resources for our future generations

  3. K (verified owner)

    gbEngland, United Kingdom

  4. Mandeep Kaur (verified owner)

    caOntario, Canada

  5. Gurdeep (verified owner)


    Absolutely amazing high quality products that are such a great resource for children to learn about Sikhi. I highly recommend!

  6. Baljinder Kaur (verified owner)

    gbEngland, United Kingdom

    Little one is really engaged with this book, bright colours, easy to follow again can be used by older children as a reference point. Absolutely fantastic

  7. Anonymous (verified owner)

    gbEngland, United Kingdom

  8. Pav Kaur (verified owner)

    gbEngland, United Kingdom

    Very colourful and engaging.

  9. Mandeep Singh (verified owner)

    gbEngland, United Kingdom

    A great books that helps explain the Story of Vaisakhi so simply and with so much colourful illustrations.

  10. preet kaur (verified owner)

    usCalifornia, United States

    I’ve ordered 2 books for friends and family newly expecting and am getting ready to order a third! The first book I received, my sister and I (both adults) got together and read through it together. It was such a great experience! Although we’ve grown up Sikh and know the history, reading the stories written to be so relatable and easy to read was so fun.

  11. Harjot Kaur (verified owner)

    auVictoria, Australia

  12. Hirna Kaur (verified owner)

    gbEngland, United Kingdom

    This book is so lovely the time spent on making this book, hats off to you! My little one is only 3 months old, And she stares at the book while I read it to her she loves all the colours she loves every think about it I think this book is the best way to help with their knowledge especially at a young age.

  13. Rajinder Kaur (verified owner)

    gbEngland, United Kingdom

  14. Sandeep D. (verified owner)

    gbEngland, United Kingdom

    Brilliant idea and book for children!

  15. Jatinder K. (verified owner)

    gbEngland, United Kingdom

  16. Bhavandeep Kaur Talwar (verified owner)

    gbEngland, United Kingdom

  17. Randeep (verified owner)

    gbEngland, United Kingdom

    Bought this book for my niece and she loves it

  18. Gursharan Kaur (verified owner)

    gbScotland, United Kingdom

    Lovely gift, would highly recommend.

  19. Talvinder Flora (verified owner)

    gbEngland, United Kingdom

  20. Jasmeet Kaur (verified owner)

    gbEngland, United Kingdom

    These sikhi books are amazing , I can’t wait to use it for my little singh , too good they are and we are looking forward to order more , thank you ranjit Kaur ♥️

  21. Karen Johal (verified owner)

    gbEngland, United Kingdom

  22. Maria (verified owner)

    plMazovia, Poland

  23. Harjit Kaur (verified owner)

    gbEngland, United Kingdom

    Very nice

  24. Mandy (verified owner)

  25. Harneet Bhambra (verified owner)

    gbEngland, United Kingdom

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