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Vaheguru! Although things have been a little quieter on our social media channels over the last few months, I’ve been super busy in the background!

Read on to find out more….

First things first

We have released a brand new design of our greeting cards – this one is for the arrival of a new baby. Why give a generic newborn card when you can do it in a ‘Sikh’ style! Check them out here.

Website changes

We have been updating our website bit by bit to make it a more pleasant and a seamless experience for you – our customer. You now have the option of logging in with social media (or email) to access your order history, place comments on the blog and access free resources. See if you can spot some of the other changes. If you have any feedback, let me know in the comments section.

“What’s Next Ranjeet?” I hear you say!

Plenty more! We are going to be launching some more exciting products in the coming weeks and months. Sikh Colouring Books, as a brand, is now over 2 years old and I am excited about our plans for the future. Your support and feedback has kept me going so far – even when I’ve had doubts, so please keep it coming. I value your feedback and ideas on how we can shape the future for our little ones.

Grab a cuppa and lets talk!

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